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Writer's Block: Tearjerkers

Cyrano de Bergarac when he is dying and Roxanne finally realises it was him not Christian that wrote the letters all those years ago.


Backhanded Compliment to CoE

 The result of the collision between a writer that cares & a latent obsession.

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Creating my own Hub of denial

 My own personal Ianto and Captain John arrived today, so now I can protect Ianto from the big bad RTD universe.  Just need to find a decent Capt Jack with coat and all will be well.

 RTD wanted a series like Buffy & Angel, but it appears he missed the point and the skill of Joss Whedon.
the core group you are meant to care about always survive, that doesn't mean that we can't come to love and lose important secondry characters (the Anyas and Taras), we come close to losing the core but never quite do, even in Angel we never truly lose someone even at the end when we are left hanging - the end is thus the fans choice.
The one exception was Wash in Serenity and even then that was the actor's choice and spoiled if you looked around.
I was upset to lose Tosh and Owen and after being promised a great character arc that would make me happy about Ianto I am just wondering why lie?  
I feel like RTD didn't appreciate the fact that the fan base didn't like gwen as much as he did and thus we are punished both with Ianto's death and the destruction of Jack.
I have 2 final thoughts :
1)Torchwood is screwed if its survival depends on Gwen as she is a) useless with computers unless  the system is set up for her
b) she puts herself and others at risk as unless she is handed information on a plate( Ianto S2 & Lois here)  she makes the wrong decision(cashline, phoning Frobisher).
2)Why after, the to quote a writer friend, the careless way RTD treats his characters would I ever invest in his writing again?

My 1st post - COE DVD - declassified

 I received my copy of the DVD today & checked out the declassified and what do I find hardly any GDL although there is a nice montage of the best of Ianto, not sure I appreciate being told that they loved both actor and character by RTD.  I have to warn this segment is very lite on GDL and  some what on JB, result lots of EM.
The comments at the end do suggest as many feel that is the end of Torchwood.