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janiemc's Journal

Started as Dr Who fan with Jon Pertwee and Bessie, moving onto Tom Baker, but bailing with Peter Davidson,having flirted with Blake's7 and Battlestar I rejoined the family with Chris Ecclestone and fell in love with David Tennant, having started lusting when he was Casanova.
In between I met Buffy first big screen then TV, fell for Spike, watched Angel and then met my favourite Browncoats.
Then came Torchwood and I think I am back to obssessing about characters in a way that only Joss has made me before.

I am not a writer but as a reader I have come to love this site as a source of some fine and at times moving material. Keep up the good work
ancient sites, buffy, celtic arthurian legends, conflicted heroes, dr who, firefly & serenity, french fakes needn't apply, photography, robin of sherwood, ultraviolet